The virus is spreading and we are now experiencing community spread. ALL citizens are being asked to do our part to reduce exposure and “flatten the curve”. 


Our Amazing hospital and staff are asking for ALL our help. They are requesting we double down on our self-quarantine efforts and by reducing the number of people coming to the hospital. Less people in the hospital means less limited supplies used and less exposure to everyone.  Another way they are reducing exposure and supply usage is by limiting the number of support people that can accompany a laboring mother . Currently, they are allowing one person. This can be either a partner, doula, family member or friend. Support people can not be swapped out. 


How can Motherly Birth & Wellness help? First and foremost we are following all the recommendations from the CDC and health department in our personal lives and in our practice. 


The midwifery model of care and specifically home birth is the perfect practice method for a pandemic. We already work tirelessly to decrease a family's risk factors and exposures. Birthing in your home means you are exposed primarily to your own germs. Home birth practices are small and centered on the families needs. Home birth clients aren’t exposed to waiting rooms, hospitals and multiple staff. 


Our community midwives are working together to ensure care won’t stop during this pandemic. We have relationships, supply sharing and back up plans. We are working together to absorb the influx of new clients wanting birth in their homes and avoid the hospital. 


Motherly Birth & Wellness will accept late transfers for any family with a normal low-risk pregnancy and medical history. If you’re interested in exploring your home birth options please contact me via phone (334.268.4647) or email (


I am also providing FREE video-conference lactation, by appointment, to the families in our community. (See below for the link).


I am also offering prenatal appointments and well-baby check-ups for any family birthing in the hospital but desiring to stay out of the hospital. 

30 minute prenatal- video conference: $45

30 minute prenatal- in-office: $75

60 minute prenatal- video conference: $90

60 minute prenatal- in-office: $150

30 minute well baby appointment in-office: $45


Motherly also has the following practices in place:

  • Prenatal visits will alternate between in-office and video conference

  • ALL office visits will be limited to the pregnant person and one support person, unfortunately at this time we must ask that children not attend in-office visits

  • Care providers will wear gloves when during skin-to-skin contact

  • Masks will be worn by staff in attempt to reduce air-born exposure

  • ALL staff will follow Motherly Birth & Wellness Covid-19 protocols

  • All person attending a birth (birth team and family persons) need to be able to answer “no” to ALL Covid screening questions

  • ALL families are being asked to limit their birth attendees to three support people


In-office Appointment Practices:

  • All surfaces and equipment will be wiped down before and after each appointment

  • All fabric surfaces will be sprayed with lysol to reduce germs

  • Appointments are limited to 50minutes to allow for proper cleaning between appointments

  • Gloves and masks will be worn by providers during appointments

  • 1st and 2nd trimester appointments can all be done via electronic communication except: in-take and 28 weeks.

  • 3rd trimester appointments can alternate between electronic appointments and in-person. Week 36, 38, 40, 41 and 42 will be done in-person


Prior to coming for your appointment please review the following questions for yourself oand anyone attending the appointment with you. If you answer “yes” to any of them, please call to discuss rescheduling your appointment:


  1. Have you traveled out of the state of MT in the last 14 days?

  2. In the past 14 days have you or ANYONE in your home experienced: cough, fever, sore throat or body aches?

  3. Have you been in direct OR indirect contact with anyone testing positive or waiting for test results for COVID-19?


Electronic Appointment Practices:

  • Clients will be asked to purchase their own BP cuff for at-home monitoring

  • Clients will be provided (as available) or asked to purchase a doppler for at-home monitoring

  • All preconception appointments will be done via video conference based methods


Access to the HIPAA compliant video conference software is through this link:



CDC recommendation for pregnancy & breastfeeding


CDC recommendations for all households


CDC home resources for coronavirus


Birth Supplies: